Policies & Code of Ethics

Policies & Code of Ethics

The goal of this Code of Ethics is to define the responsibilities of the company’s directors, managers, employees and collaborators, in directing how its activities are conducted. Thus, this document outlines the “ethical” model which inspires this conduct.

It is therefore mandatory to know the rules and to follow the principles and standards of conduct outlined therein, so that they may accordingly inspire our approach on a daily basis, in the respect of specific religious, cultural and social contexts.

The Code of Ethics applies to all the directors, employees and collaborators of the Company, without exception, as well as to all those who directly or indirectly, permanently or temporarily, establish relationships or engagements with the company and operate in the pursuit of its goals, such as contractors, suppliers and service providers.

The rules contained in this Code of Ethics supplement the behaviour that employees and collaborators are required to observe also in accordance with the norms of ordinary diligence to which employees must adhere as governed by the prevailing applicable contractual labour regulations.

The pursuit of corporate interests shall in no case justify conduct contrary to the laws in force and to the rules of the Code.

In any professional relationship, the involved parties must be informed of this document and they are contractually required to be fully aware of its provisions and obligations.

In case of non-fulfilment by third parties, the company’s executives, employees and collaborators shall take appropriate measures.

This Code of Ethics is valid in all geographic areas.


  Policies & Code of Ethics
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