Fin Consorzio is a global player in the construction sector, specialized in the execution of large complex projects that involve design & construction activities. Fin Consorzio boasts a history of solid experience in the completion of projects ranging from public and residential buildings, to roads and sewers, to the implementation of large Financing Projects, and the setting up of natural gas networks.

Fin Consorzio boasts a consolidated experience in the construction of commercial buildings, artisan areas, aqueducts and sewers, hospital complexes, redevelopment and consolidation projects, methane supply networks. Some of Fin Consorzio’s more recent projects include the building of the methane supply work for the western and north-eastern districts of the city of Catania and the methane supply network for 15 municipalities belonging to the “Pelonico basin” is almost complete.


  Transport infrastructures play an important role in the economic growth and social development of a country, they are drivers for the rapid growth of urban centres.


  Fin Consorzio plays a significant role in the construction of innovative buildings and boasts a consolidated experience in the construction of both commercial and residential buildings.


  Over the years, Consorzio has specialized in the construction and management of methane supply networks and the completion of financial projects.