Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Our endeavour is primarily founded on the principles of reliability, flexibility and excellence, ensuring a level of professionalism that remains anchored to our commitment and many years of work. Constant innovation and technological research have allowed us to develop diversified skills in the company’s various sectors of activity: Design, Infrastructure, Building Construction and Project Financing. By means of customised training projects, we are particularly attentive to the development of human resources, with the goal of optimising client satisfaction and continuously exploring new business areas.


Reliability: The constant attention to the needs of our clients constitutes the cornerstone of our company policy, inspired by the utmost transparency in interactions with financial operators, institutions, local communities and employees.
We assure all parties a high level of competence sustained by our reliability and commitment.

Versatility: Over the years, our approach which mandates full awareness of our clients’ needs has allowed us to acquire in-depth skills in infrastructure and construction, with a particular dedication to the care of technical and qualitative aspects, in full respect of the protection of the environment and workplace health and safety.

Excellence: We have always dedicated great attention to quality in terms of the optimisation of production and organisational processes as leverage for the interconnection of the various business sectors. Together with consolidated relationships with national and international financial institutions, this allows us to execute state of the art projects in our field, from both technological and financial perspectives.

Fin Consorzio has grown thanks to the daily commitment of its people to whom we pay particular attention, with investments in formative projects and professional training courses with the aim of improving know-how and skills, so as to enhance their capacity for innovation and effective design.